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38-year-old M&A banker told he has a biological age of 45. The highest paid mathematicians in finance

Investment banking ages you. As former Goldman Sachs associate turned academic Alexandra Michel famously discovered in a study over a decade ago, the average banking career only lasts seven years but during that time participants go through a brutal initiation of overwork leading to alopecia, weight gain and physical and mental deterioration. Those who persist learn to pace themselves the hard way. One of those ...

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Deutsche Bank MD on £300k salary told that “office life is irritating”. The most awkward job at Morgan Stanley

A useful heuristic when deciding whether to say something in the office or not is to imagine it being read out slowly, in court, by a judge with no comic timing.  For example, in the right circumstances and with a sufficiently light and friendly delivery, referring to a Managing Director in the Wealth Management business as “Christine Lagarde”, because she is French and has grey ...

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