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Bruce Fahlgren enjoys an iced chai latte or a white hot chocolate at Espresso Milano

There are many benefits to working as a barista. The coffee, of course, is one of them, as well as the other tasty drinks. Another benefit is chatting with the customers and getting to know the regulars. Many customers and regulars have come through Espresso Milano during my time here, and I have enjoyed chatting with them. This is especially true of Bruce Fahlgren and his ...

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34 Best Coffee Desserts – Easy Coffee Dessert Recipes

Coffee and dessert might not seem like the most natural pairing, but we promise, they’re a match made in heaven. Whether you’re looking for a nighttime after-dinner boost, a way to make your chocolate desserts extra decadent, or just want more Kahlúa in your life, these 34 coffee-filled desserts are for you!One of our top not-so-secret ingredients in the Delish test kitchen has got to ...

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