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European banks driven to unexpected hiring frenzy. When you must choose between Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley

Given the state of investment bank revenues, it's not surprising that 2023 is a nadir for banking jobs and that roles are being eliminated rather than added. And yet, hiring is still happening in even the most enfeebled sectors and there is good reason for this: Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). As banks like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley cut thousands of staff, and as Credit Suisse's ...

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Goldman Sachs & Morgan Stanley reached the same conclusion about hiring. Why banker layoffs are about more than cost-cutting

Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are following a similar trajectory. Both have cut or are cutting around 6% of their workforces. Both want to focus more on wealth and asset management (although Morgan Stanley is further down this road). And both are growing in Paris.  Morgan Stanley in particular is redoubling its efforts in the French capital. Reuters reports that as Morgan Stanley increases headcount ...

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Deutsche Bank MD on £300k salary told that “office life is irritating”. The most awkward job at Morgan Stanley

A useful heuristic when deciding whether to say something in the office or not is to imagine it being read out slowly, in court, by a judge with no comic timing.  For example, in the right circumstances and with a sufficiently light and friendly delivery, referring to a Managing Director in the Wealth Management business as “Christine Lagarde”, because she is French and has grey ...

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