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Happy Face Coffee Guarantees Freshness and Artisan Quality With Each Sip

Happy Face Coffee offers a curated selection of artisan coffee freshly roasted on the day it is delivered. There’s a new coffee company in town, and they’re aiming to shake things up with their exclusive small-batch coffee blends. Its mission? To deliver the world’s freshest coffee straight to homes. Happy Face Coffee, a veteran-owned and operated startup, is every coffee lover’s all-access pass to some ...

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Nivea adds recycled coffee grounds to latest face cream

The German skincare brand has joined the upcycling movement: for the first time in its history, a recycled ingredient, coffee grounds, was used in a face cream, in the Naturally Good range. The company is making an effort to emphasize its status as a player committed to preserving our planet, making another step in the circular economy world. One kilogramme of coffee generates 1.2 kilogramme ...

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