New Sawyer general store serves more than just coffee

SAWYER, N.D. – Small businesses are the backbone of communities across North Dakota and a new business owner in Sawyer is showing the importance of “living local.”

Customers at Sawyer’s new general store said the town needs small businesses like these to help bring the community closer together.

“We needed someone to be here for the early morning commuters, looking forward to the kids coming in in the summer, having their ice cream and all the delightful goodies the store is going to be serving,” said Cynthia Ellis, a customer and small business owner herself.

The friendships that are formed over a simple cup of coffee is the reason Kyler Jones wanted to open the shop.

“I love talking to people and getting to know their stories while they are here. I know the last couple that was in here, I just talked their ear off, just about the little things, the mundane, getting to know them, fostering relationships with people,” said Kyler Jones, manager of the Sawyer General Store.

The building was built back in the early 1900s and the store pays homage to its historic roots with 20th-century decor.

“Just coming in and looking at everything is exciting all in itself, so yes it’s going to be a great thing for the town of Sawyer,” said Ellis.

Whether you are a coffee lover or just looking to grab a few groceries, the Sawyer General Store has you covered.

“The coffee, the good conversation, the atmosphere, the goods, the services. You just have to come see it for yourself,” said Jones.

Jones said he has some major plans for the future and cannot wait to share them with the local community.

The general store will have its grand opening May 2 and is currently open every Monday through Saturday from 4:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

It is located at 20 Central Avenue W in Sawyer.

For more details, follow their Facebook page

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