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Phoenix Coffee House in Naperville opens with mission to offer job opportunities for special needs adults

NAPERVILLE, Ill. (WLS) -- Phoenix Coffee House in Naperville officially opened Monday off 95th Street, with a mission to offer job opportunities to people with special needs.The new west suburban coffee shop has already been such a big hit in the community that they had to make an unexpected supply run on just their second day after selling 500 cups of coffee during its ...

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Wrigley Coffee to open at former Fox Coffee House, offering jobs to people struggling with housing • the Hi-lo

Wanting to create a trauma-informed workplace, especially for parents in transitional housing, Nishimoto will be opening Wrigley Coffee—a place for social enterprise to go along with that caffeine fix. “What we started to realize is while a lot of our families wanted to work and had the desire to be self-sustaining in that way, they didn’t all have the necessary skills to do that,” ...

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